Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink
An Excerpt From
Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink
Amber Brown isn't looking for just any dress. It has to be THE dress.

“How about this one?” Aunt Pam says. “It’s not pink.”

“No, it’s outer-space green,” I say.

The dress is iridescent, which means shiny. And yes, I like shiny, but this one looks like an alien ate something that didn’t agree with it.

I give Aunt Pam my “I can’t believe you expect me to wear this dress” face. It’s a face I’ve been making all day. Aunt Pam is getting exasperated. Mom is getting exasperated. The sales woman is getting exasperated……and we’ve been to six stores before we even got to her.

I, Amber Brown, am exasperated too. I am also disgruntled, peeved, and put out. I have nothing to wear. I don’t mean that I’m naked. But now that we are having the wedding, I must, must, MUST have THE dress!

It’s not going to be alien green.

Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink