Half Bad
An Excerpt From
Half Bad
     Kieran says, “You know what this is, Connor?”
     Connor has to think about it, but eventually says, “A hunting knife.”
     “Yes. To be exact, it’s a French hunting knife. They make great knives, the French.
Look at that blade.’
     I squirm and grunt and curse them.
     ‘Hold him still, Niall. The blade folds away beautifully into the handle. Great design.
The Swiss go for all the fancy gadgets in their knives, but all you need is a good
     I hear the rip of my T-shirt and feel the cool air on my back. I buck and curse again.
     “Hold him still.”
     I feel the blade brushing over my back and now I hold still. The knife stops in the
middle of my left shoulder blade. The point goes in.
     “I’ll start here. This half is the Black half, I’d say.”
     And slowly the blade cuts down my back.
Half Bad

Half Bad