Flash Point
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Flash Point
Trapped in a reality TV game show unlike any other...

I'm Alex Everett," the bald man said. "Before we do the rest of the introductions, let me explain for those of you who still don't understand what you're doing here." He winked at Amy, who kept her face as blank as she could manage. "You lucky seven have been chosen from hundreds of applicants for Taunton Life Network's newest show, Who Knows People, Baby—You? Myra Townsend and I are the producers, and this is how the show works."

As he explained, Amy seethed. So the dog in the tree had been a setup and she'd been filmed. The "robbery" in the lobby. The "rats" outside the doctor's office—which she had believed were a legitimate student-film project. She had been played, and she didn't like it one bit.

"I quit," she said loudly.

Everyone's head swiveled to look at her.

"Of course," Alex said, watching Amy closely, "you're free to quit if you choose. This is a job, not serfdom. There is a long waiting list of girls ready to take your place. But then we'll expect repayment of the advance you've received."

Mrs. Raduski's rent. Gran.

Violet, in the chair beside her, found Amy's hand and squeezed it.

Amy choked out, "I'll stay."
Flash Point

Flash Point

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