Carolyn Mckenzie

Carolyn Mckenzie


Carolyn McKenzie was first drawn to Italy in the 1970s. She has lived in the regions of Calabria and Piemonte, and moved to her present home in Ventimiglia Alta, on the coast, in Liguria’s extreme west, in 1997.

Thanks to an enthusiastic team of builders, renovating her new home perched in the town’s medieval ramparts was great fun.

Teaching English part-time left Carolyn free to explore her slice of the Riviera, and her fascination with the Roman and medieval periods, with the quirky and the eerie, and her love of train travel have taken her to many of the Riviera’s more out-of-the-way destinations.

When she isn’t teaching, travelling or writing, Carolyn enjoys pottering in her miniature garden in the ramparts, and welcoming guests from all around the world.

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