Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy


Erin McCarthy, the author of A Date with the Other Side, Bad Boys Online, Smart Mouth, Houston, We Have a Problem, and Mouth to Mouth.

Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy



Q. MY IMMORTAL marks a bit of a departure for you—your previous novels are known for their humor, while MY IMMORTAL is darker in tone and characters. What inspired you to go in this direction?

A. I’ve always enjoyed reading darker books and I actually started out writing in darker paranormal stories, but was unable to sell them at the time. MY IMMORTAL was a manuscript I started writing about five years ago and abandoned when I first sold in romantic comedy. When I had a break in my writing schedule last year I felt compelled to pick it up, dust it off, and see what I could do with it. The only thing I kept of the original version was the prologue, but it was a thrill to me to go back and explore a darker story again.

Q. Damien is such a fascinating, complex character—did his character come to you very quickly, or did you have to figure him out during the writing process?

A. Damien came to me fully intact. As soon as I wrote the prologue years ago, I understood him. I wanted a hero who had shades of gray in his morality, who had done terrible things and made poor choices, and who struggled for redemption and to forgive himself. Marley was actually a harder character for me to hone in on. I rewrote her first chapter three times until I was sure of who she was.

Q. The seven deadly sins serves as a theme to the book—which sin in particular was the theme of MY IMMORTAL?

A. The sin in this book is lust- Damien’s desire for women becomes his downfall, and in essence, his punishment. When he agrees to servitude to the demon of lust, he condemns himself to an eternity of women who only want to use him for physical pleasure, and he discovers how lonely that can be.

Q. There’s a fascinating subplot that’s gradually unveiled through old letters—what gave you the idea to use the letters?

A. I wanted the reader to feel an immediacy to Marie, the hero’s first wife, so I didn’t want her story told through his point of view. I also wanted to parallel the heroine, Marley’s, sexual and emotional journey with that of Marie’s, and I felt the way to do that with impact was to have Marley reading Marie’s confessional letters. I was surprised how much I enjoyed writing those letters and exploring a historical voice.

Q. Can we expect more darker books, and do you have any lighter books as well coming our way?

A. There will be more darker books, starting with FALLEN in May of 2008. It is set in the same world of demons and fallen angels as MY IMMORTAL, and the sin gluttony is the theme for this book. The hero’s nineteenth century flaw of addiction to alcohol and drugs becomes his twenty-first century punishment as every woman he is intimate with becomes addicted to him.

I will be continuing to write lighter books as well, and I have a fun novella coming out in October in the Christmas anthology, AN ENCHANTED SEASON. In January of 2008 my fourth book in the Vegas Vampire series, SUCKER BET, hits the shelves, followed by a straight contemporary romance in early 2009.



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