Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter


A native of Louisiana, Faith Hunter spent her early years on the bayous and rivers, learning survival skills and the womanly arts. She liked horses, dogs, fishing and crabbing much better than girly skills. She still does.

In grade school, she fell in love with fantasy and science fiction, reading five books a week and wishing she could “write that great stuff.” Faith now shares her life with her Renaissance Man and their dogs in a Enclave of their own. Faith is working on a new series, which Roc will publish starting in the summer of 2009, and a role-playing game, called The Rogue Mage, based on Thorn.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter



Sometimes a writer is gripped by an idea, a question, a “what if”, and it’s like being wrapped in the coils of a huge, invisible snake. The world of the Rogue Mage, Thorn St. Croix, took me over that way, as if the time and place were alive, squeezing and tightening until the words began to pop out of my fingers onto the page. And I fell in love with the world and the people in it.

The “what if” was this: What if the apocalypse came, just as all the world’s great religions believe it will, and what if angels—seraphs—appeared in every major country of the world, to rain down destruction, plague, war, and pestilence, and an unexpected ice-age? And what if the result of that apocalypse was the appearance of a new race of humans, born into the remnants of the old, humans who could weld the left-over energies of creation in a way that looks like…magic.

In the world that came to life for me, the apocalypse was only the beginning of a war between the powers of Dark and the powers of Light. In the new, broken-but-healing, complex and multifaceted world, many things are still same. Technology still works. The military is still a huge, bristling, rolling bureaucracy, but with new parameters, new weapons, and new, supernatural enemies. The neomages, seraphs, and humans have found a way to work together to defeat a common enemy. They have learned to fight a new kind of war.

Part of the new world is presence of the Enclaves, gilded prisons where the neomages can practice their magic for the betterment of the Earth and her inhabitants, but not “contaminate” them with their lifestyle. It is a world where religion is the only thing that works, yet it’s not the religion anyone ever expected to find or see.

BloodRing, the first novel in the series, introduced Thorn St. Croix, a neomage living outside the Enclaves confining all the other mages. She is a rogue—a stone mage and battle mage, who has married a human, been divorced, and made a life for herself in hiding. But her cover is blown, and in Seraphs, she has to discover what her place will be in the world of humans, now that they know what she truly is.

A Major Darkness has wakened on the Trine, the tri-peaked mountain in the Appalachians. Thorn has to decide if she will use her gifts to protect the townspeople who now fear her. Her friends and family, from whom she kept her true identity a secret, have to decide if they will accept her. And her ex-husband and her stepchild have to decide if they can still love her. Thorn St. Croix is a rich and intense heroine, and someone I you will love as much as I do!



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