Frank Vincent

Frank Vincent


As an actor, Frank Vincent may physically look the real “mob guy” part, but one only has to see him at work in classic movies like Raging Bull, Do the Right Thing and Casino to be convinced of his acting depth. Vincent is an actor, musician, writer and producer. His passion for music and playing the drums led to a successful career as a recording drummer for such prominent names as arranger Don Costa, as well as singers Paul Anka and Trini Lopez.

As an actor, Vincent debuted in 1975 in Ralph DeVito’s Death Collector, where he impressed director Martin Scorsese with his on-screen work. Scorsese cast him in the Academy Award-winning film Raging Bull and the rest is cinematic history. Vincent has gone on to appear in over fifty feature films. He has worked for some of the greatest directors of our time, in addition to Scorsese: Brian DePalma, Spike Lee and Sidney Lumet are among this esteemed list. He plays the parts that audiences remember long after they walk out of the theatre. In fact, who could forget him as the infamous “Billy Batts” in Goodfellas where he tells Joe Pesci’s character to “Go home and get your shinebox!”?

Most recently, you can see Vincent in the recurring role of “Phil Leotardo” on The Sopranos. He’s also proud that his voice is featured in the multi-million dollar Playstation game, Grand Theft Auto 3, as the character “Don Salvatore Leone.” In 2002, he received the Italian-American Entertainer of the Year Award, presented by the Italian Tribune and, in 2005, he was the recipient of the Garden State Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award for Acting. 


Frank Vincent
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