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Heather Hepler


Heather Hepler grew up in North Texas. She has lived in Reno, on the coast of Maine, in the interior of Alaska, and near Death Valley, but she currently is being held against her will in Tyler, Texas. She holds a Master’s in Library Science from the University of North Texas and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine. She works as a reviewer for VOYA, Kirkus Reviews, Publisher’s Weekly, Library Media Connection, and The New York Times. Her first novel, Scrambled Eggs at Midnight (Dutton) is set for release in May 2006. The second, The Dream Factory (Dutton) will be released Spring 2007. Her writing has also appeared in the Southwest Review and the Cincinnati Review.

Heather Hepler

Heather Hepler



Grew up in?

Texas. It’s exactly as you might imagine… big trucks, big hair, beauty queens and yet things continue to surprise me all the time.

Childhood ambition?

To have my own cooking show. This was way before Food Network. I had my sights set on PBS.

Desert island book?

Okay, I’m tempted to say the Bible or some intellectual tome, but I’m thinking a survival manual would be best. I mean, I watched the Survivorman marathon. In case you don’t know what this is… http://www.survivorman.ca/ That guy is obviously crazy, but after watching him sit on a tiny raft in the middle of the ocean, get dropped in arctic Canada and hike through the desert southwest, I am sure that I’m going to need help if I’m stranded. I mean, who knew you could use corn chips as candles?

Favorite city?

Definitely either Montreal or Quebec City. People forget about Canada too often. It’s an amazing country. I was going to say Camden, Maine, but I’m pretty sure that’s stretching the definition of “city” a bit.

Favorite movie?

Anything by John Hughes. No one does teen angst better than him.

Where do you write?

In the corner of my living room. Too far from the kitchen and too close to the cat box.

What made you decide to write Dream Factory?

After my sister’s trip to Disney World, I got obsessed with thinking about it. The idea of people dressing up and pretending to be princesses and furry creatures is just too great to pass by.

How many times have you been to Disney World?

Just one. I was five and all I remember is eating too many lemon drops and being scared out of my mind on the teacup ride. My sister held my hand the whole time… hence the dedication in Dream Factory.

Are any of your characters based on anyone in “real” life?

Well now I wouldn’t tell anyone, now would I?

What adjectives would you use to describe Dream Factory?

Funny, quirky, romantic.

Most embarrassing moment?

When I dropped a test tube of asparagusic acid in my tenth grade chemistry class. (You know that stuff that makes your (ahem) urine stink after you eat asparagus?) Okay apparently not everyone can smell it, but enough could so that they had to clear the classroom. I know that doesn’t sound awful, but here’s the bad part… I dropped it right in the lap of this guy in my class who I kind of ‘liked’. I would just like to take this opportunity to again apologize for that. Sorry, James. I didn’t mean to.

Smartest thing you ever did?

Well, I don’t know. I will tell you something dumb I just figured out I’ve been doing. I have been ferociously fighting a weed in my yard, pulling it up, whacking it down. It is covered with thorns and I always manage to cut up my fingers when I pull it out. So today I go out to continue my battle. I bend down to grab another one of the offending plants and much to my surprise it’s covered with these bumpy red berries. It turns out I’ve been pulling out raspberry plants. Did I happen to mention that my favorite fruit are raspberries? Sigh.

Life motto?

Don’t let yourself be hampered by life mottos.


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