Ira Progroff

Ira Progroff


Since the 1950s, Dr. Ira Progoff has been exploring psychological methods for creativity and spiritual experience with social applications. He is a leading authority on the psychology of C.G. Jung, humanistic and transpersonal psychology as well as journal-writing.

Dr. Progoff completed his doctoral dissertation in the psychology of C.G. Jung from the New School of Social Research in New York City, and published it in 1953 as Jung’s Psychology and Its Social Meaning. Also in 1953, as a Bollingen Fellow in Switzerland, Dr. Progoff studied privately with C.G. Jung.

The conceptual base of Ira Progoff’s holistic depth psychology can be found in a trilogy of earlier books. The Death and Rebirth of Psychology (1956) crystallizes the cumulative results of the work of Freud, Adler, Jung, and Rank to build the foundation for a new psychology. Depth Psychology and Modern Man (1959) presents a holistic view of evolution as a foundation for nonanalytic method in depth psychology. The Symbolic and the Real (1963) discusses the significance of these concepts for modern society and demonstrates the personal use of twilight imagery.

As Director of the Institute for Research in Depth Psychology at the Drew University Graduate School from 1959 to 1971, Dr. Progoff conducted research on life cycles and their relation to spiritual and creative experience. Drawing on the principles of these books and research at Drew University, he developed the Intensive Journal method in 1966 as a system of nonanalytic integrative techniques for drawing out and interrelating the contents of an individual life. He founded Dialogue House in 1966 as a means of organizing Intensive Journal workshops.

In 1977, as the public use of the Method increased, Dr. Progoff formed the National Intensive Journal Program. It now supplies over 100 trained and certified leaders to conduct Intensive Journal workshops in the United States and other countries in cooperation with local sponsoring organizations. While conducting numerous workshops for a variety of organizations, Dr. Progoff continued to develop the Intensive Journal method.

Dr. Progoff’s writings include numerous articles that have been published in journals. He has also been a frequent lecturer at leading universities, religious, and cultural organizations.