Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson


Jeffrey Robinson, described by Britain’s Sunday Telegraph as, “one of the world’s leading experts on international financial crime,” is the author of many highly acclaimed books, including The Laundrymen, The Merger and The Sink.

Robinson has written scores of newspaper and magazine articles on financial crime and given many keynote speeches and media interviews on money laundering, fraud and organized crime. He has appeared on NBC (including The Today Show and Nightly News), MSNBC, CNN (including Larry King), Fox News, BBC, ITN, Channel 4 News, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Sky News, where he is has been a contributor on American issues, fraud, and international crime for the past 20 years. He has been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including Barron’s (which earned him an Overseas Press Club Award), Playboy (two cover stories on crime), the International Herald Tribune, plus the Times, the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday in London, where he lived for 25 years. In addition to books and articles, he has written television dramas and documentaries.

He lives in New York.

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