Kim Woodburn

Kim Woodburn


Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie are the stars of the hit television show How Clean is Your House?  (seen on Lifetime Television).  Before they became celebrities, Aggie was an associate editor for Good Housekeeping, while Kim worked as a professional live-in cleaning lady for a sheikh in Kent.

Kim Woodburn

Kim Woodburn



Britain’s number one cleaning ladies have kindly taken time out from their busy cleaning schedules to answer a few questions from our editor. Following hot in the heels of their hit TV series How Clean Is Your House?, here they reveal their own personal views on cleaning and how clean they really are.

Have you always enjoyed cleaning?Kim: I have always enjoyed cleaning tremendously.  From when I was a very small child I always wanted to be spotless.

Aggie: I’ve always enjoyed a clean environment, and having been brought up by a very house-proud mother known all the theory (and practice) but not necessarily enjoyed cleaning. Since working on the series, have become a bit obsessed.

Which part of cleaning do you enjoy the least?Kim: I am not keen on cleaning the bath.

Aggie: The feeling that, having got the place spic and span, the good work is quickly being undone by the rest of my family.

What is your one pet hate?Kim: My one pet hate is people walking into my house in filthy shoes.

Aggie: Hate changing beds (but love clean sheets!).

Should you clean every day?Kim: No need to clean every day if house is generally kept in good order and is cleaned on a regular basis.

Aggie: Need to do SOMETHING every day, even if it’s just putting on a wash or doing some ironing, otherwise things build up v quickly and it gets depressing and insurmountable. Kitchen and bathroom need to be clean at all times.

What is your one top tip?Kim: My one top tip is clean as you go, never allow cleaning to build up.

Aggie: One top tip. Most days I am out of the house either filming or in the office. I have a 15 mins a day rule, even when I’m rushing off out and know I won’t be back till late that evening if I have a do on. I can get one job a day done in that short time. If I do the 15 mins in the morning, I feel as if  I’ve achieved something and that I’m on top of things.

How clean is your house?Kim: My house is spotless!

Aggie: Cleaner than some people’s, not as clean as others.  A healthy average, I would say. Mind you, there’s the playroom. Well, that’s another story… 


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