Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch


Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the New York Times bestsellers: Conversations with God book 1, book 2, and book 3, as well as Meditations from Conversations with God book 1 and book 2, and the Conversations with God book 1 Guidebook. Walsch lectures and hosts workshops throughout the country, in addition to running his foundation, ReCreation. His books have been translated into twenty-two languages. He lives in Oregon.

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch



How do you know that God actually spoke to you?

The conversations contain concepts and information beyond anything that I’ve ever thought of, beyond my own mental constructions. I first thought that it wasn’t possible — that I could talk to God, but not with God. But as the conversation progressed, I become convinced that God was talking directly and personally to me. My instincts tell me that despite what others may think, and what I even thought myself at first — that this is the result of an overworked spiritual imagination or the work of a man seeking vindication — God did speak to me. But I think the more crucial question is “Would the world be a better place if people lived by the material in this book?” I believe the material stands on its own, that it has something to offer everyone.

Can anyone have a conversation with God?

Yes, and I’ve heard from hundreds of people who have. It’s not as unusual as we might think; this experience is open to everyone. God talks to all of us, but we must be able to suspend disbelief and notice the subtle devices God uses — whether it’s song lyrics, movies, or the chance utterance of someone we meet on the street. We often write things off to coincidence that we should give God credit for.

What’s the most surprising outcome of this whole experience?

My coming to know the many hundreds of other people who have had this same experience; seeing the letters and notes these people have sent me about their own conversations with God. I’m collecting them all and they’re fascinating. The book seems to have cleared the way for others to speak out about their own encounters with God.

It seems odd that God suddenly decided to become so accessible through this conversation with you, addressing real issues like work and relationships in contemporary life.

I think now is the perfect time for God to speak colloquially. The chaos in the world and the extreme and rapid changes we’re experiencing — in technology; in political, economic, scientific systems; in sexual and social mores — seems to have created a deeper yearning for connection with deity. People seem ready to hear a spiritual message.

You were angry about your life when you first wrote to God. How is your life working now?

I’m happier now than I ever thought I could be. After half a century of trying, I thought real happiness was only possible in fairy tales. I’m involved in a wonderful relationship, the most meaningful and stable I’ve ever had, and my health is better than ever. In every way, my life is complete and I’m doing what I love.

What is ReCreation?

A non-profit foundation we began that offers workshops, retreats and lectures to help people see that the purpose of life is to recreate ourselves, in the greatest vision of the grandest vision we have of ourselves. We try to make these workshops affordable to reach as many people as possible and have set aside 20% of all spots for scholarships. Any fees that come from speaking engagements and appearances go toward financing the work of ReCreation.

What’s the one thing God would say to people of all religions that they would all understand?

I am love and love does not discriminate. There’s no right or wrong way to love God or life.


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