Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman


Nick Offerman is People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2012: Moustache Edition, currently stars in the NBC series Parks and Recreation. His numerous television and movie appearances include roles in Childrens Hospital, 21 Jump Street, and The Men Who Stare at Goats. Offerman lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Megan Mullally, where he spends his time off-set running the Offerman Woodshop, where he builds canoes, dining room tables, and mustache combs.

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman


Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman

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7/9/2015 AT 7:00 PM
SCADShow, GA 30309
CHAPTERS-Metrotown, BC
7/18/2015 AT 2:00 PM
CHAPTERS-Metrotown, BC V5H 4M1
Uptown Church, MN
7/25/2015 AT 7:00 PM
Uptown Church, MN 55408

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