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Nina Bangs


Nina Bangs is the USA Today bestselling author of Wicked Pleasure, Wicked Nights, and many other titles.

Nina Bangs

Nina Bangs



Wicked Pleasure is the 2nd book in your trilogy about the really, REALLY Wicked Brothers—who are these men, and are they truly so wicked?

Eric is a darkly erotic vampire, Brynn is a sensual demon of desire, and Conally is a sexy immortal warrior. They may not be brothers by blood, but their friendship and determination to protect each other binds them just as closely. They manage the Castle of Dark Dreams, the main attraction in an adult theme park, where women who dare can release their inner wild woman. And each brother is utterly wicked in all the ways a woman wants a man to be wicked.

Brynn McNair is a demon of sensual desire who is cursed to an eternity of sexual enslavement—how did you come up with Kim Vaughn, a heroine strong enough to be Brynn’s perfect match?

It’s no fun at all if the course of true love runs smoothly. So I decided to make Kim Vaughn Brynn’s personal nightmare. Not only would she be a sensual lure he couldn’t resist, but a danger to his very existence. In other words, my kind of heroine.

Kim destroys demons. It’s a family thing. And even though her real calling is to be an architect, she agrees to root out demons and dole out the ultimate punishment. Kim finds her demon at the Castle of Dark Dreams, but Brynn is like no evil entity she’s ever met. It’s a little hard to kill a demon who is gorgeous, fun to be with, and oozes so much erotic temptation that he gives Kim a terminal case of the wants.

But because any woman who offs demons for a living has to be strong in so many ways, it’s not surprising that once she admits her love for Brynn, Kim makes a formidable ally in the battle for his life.

You’ve created many colorful and humorous secondary characters to surround Brynn and Kim—do you have any favorites?

My cosmic troublemakers are the only beings I feel are mine alone, and Ganymede was my firstborn, so to speak. But I have a real soft spot in my heart for Sparkle Stardust. She’s so not me. She’s conniving, manipulative, and totally self-involved. I love her.

You’re known equally well as a very sensual writer as well as a very funny writer—how hard is it to balance between the two?

Humor has always come easily to me. Sensuality? Not so much. I try to weave lots of sexual tension throughout the story, and when I finally do create my love scenes, I try to make them unique and memorable in some way. Can we say making love on New Year’s Eve beneath the descending crystal ball in Times Square? When my characters make love, I do tone down the humor in favor of lots of heat. Hey, hot action is serious stuff.

Are you writing Conall’s story next? What can we expect in his story?

A ticked-off goddess cursed Conall O’Rourke for slaying her favorite in battle. As punishment, he has to serve and protect his enemy’s descendants until the last one dies. Our immortal warrior is looking forward to that happy event. Imagine his disappointment when he discovers that the last survivor of his hated enemy’s family is a vampire. Not only won’t she be dying anytime soon, but she makes him want to strip every piece of clothing from her lush body and then make love to her right in the middle of the Castle of Dark Dream’s great hall. As if that isn’t bad enough, said sexy vampire knows her family’s history. No way does she want any part of the immortal jerk who murdered her ancestor. Sounds pretty hopeless, right? Not so. As Conall and his vampire lover battle demonic vestal virgins and the aforementioned ticked-off goddess, his brothers along with the other residents of the castle align themselves on the side of goodness and light. Well, maybe not goodness and light, but you get the idea.



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