A Cat By Any Other Name

A Cat By Any Other Name

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101597729
  • 169 Pages
  • InterMix
  • Adult


A catnip garden yields a bumper crop of murder for actress-turned-sleuth Alice Nestleton…

Alice Nestleton, beautiful off-off Broadway actress-turned-amateur-detective, has been forced into a life of crime—sleuthing that is—with some cat-sitting on the side. But this hot summer in New York she has taken a hiatus from stage and scene-of-the-crime to join a coterie of cat-lovers in cultivating a Manhattan herb garden. Unfortunately, a party to celebrate their first crop of peppermint tea ends with one of their group going right off the edge—of a 25th-floor terrace. Alice is stunned and grief stricken at the apparent suicide. But aided and abetted by her two cats, she soon smells a rat. And the help of her own feline-like instincts, the gorgeous gumshoe discovers that the victim’s dearest friends may well have been her most murderous enemies…

Be sure to look for A Cat Tells Two Tales, available October 2012 in trade paperback from Obsidian.
A Cat By Any Other Name

A Cat By Any Other Name

Written by: Lydia Adamson