A Christmas Spirit

A Christmas Spirit


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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9780698141568
  • 111 Pages
  • InterMix
  • Adult


National bestselling author Cindy Miles presents a holiday tale of a lonely American who discovers a dead-sexy Highlander and a powerful love…
Museum curator Paige MacDonald is determined not to spend the holidays alone at home this year, so she books herself a trip to the Scottish Highlands. But when her car dies, she finds herself stranded beside a foreboding castle in the middle of a blizzard. The weather outside may be enough to knock her off her feet, but that’s nothing compared to the sexy specter awaiting her inside.
Gabriel Munro isn’t expecting company this Christmas at Gorloch Castle. Yet given the weather—and the fact Paige takes his breath away—keeping her inside is the right thing to do, even if she is ready to dash after learning his secret. And while Paige finds herself drawn to the Scotsman more with each passing day, she begins to feel the weight of her own secret—one that could destroy the greatest love she’s ever known.
A Christmas Spirit previously appeared in A Highlander Christmas


Praise for the work of Cindy Miles
“Get out your hankies, readers, because Thirteen Chances is a true romance in every sense of the word.”—The Romance Reader
“An enchanting read with charming ghosts and a lovely setting…. [It] will keep romance fans glued to the pages until the very end.”—Darque Reviews
“Sweetly entertaining.”—Publishers Weekly