A Haunting Dream

A Haunting Dream

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Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425251799
  • 304 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


The mayor of Duck, North Carolina, Dae O’Donnell, is a woman with a gift for finding lost things. Sometimes it leads her to lost keys or earrings—and sometimes it leads her to murder…

When her boyfriend Kevin’s ex-fiancée Ann arrives in Duck looking for a second chance, Dae suddenly finds herself facing certain heartache. And while her romantic life is in shambles, she’s even more concerned by the sudden change in her gift. After touching a medallion owned by a local named Chuck Sparks, Dae is shocked when her vision reveals his murder—and a cry for help.

Dae doesn’t know what to make of the dead man’s plea to “Help her,” until she has another vision about a kidnapped girl—Chuck’s daughter, Betsy. With a child missing, the FBI steps in to take over the case. But Dae can’t ignore her visions of Betsy, or the fact that Kevin’s psychic ex-fiancée might be the only person who can help find her…
A Haunting Dream

A Haunting Dream

Written by: Joyce and Jim Lavene


Praise for the Missing Pieces Mysteries:  

“An engaging mystery…a strong thriller.”—Genre Go Round Reviews

“Filled with likable (if eccentric) characters and boasts a vividly realized small town setting.”—Booklist

“Jim and Joyce Lavene are superb storytellers.”—Fresh Fiction