A History of Christian Missions

A History of Christian Missions

Second Edition

Written by: Stephen Neill
Revised by: Owen Chadwick

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140137637
  • 528 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


A History of Christian Missions traces the expansion of Christianity from its origins in the Middle East to Rome, the rest of Europe and the colonial world, and assesses its position as a major religious force worldwide. Many of the world’s religions have not actively sought converts, largely because they have been too regional in character. Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, however, are the three chief exceptions to this, and Christianity in particular has found a home in almost every country in the world. Professor Stephen Neill’s comprehensive and authoritative survey examines centuries of missionary activity, beginning with Christ and working through the Crusades and the colonization of Asia and Africa up to the present day, concluding with a shrewd look ahead to what the future may hold for the Christian Church.
A History of Christian Missions

A History of Christian Missions

Written by: Stephen Neill, Revised by: Owen Chadwick

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note

Part One
1. A Faith for the World
2. The Conquest of the Roman World, A.D. 100-500
3. The Dark Age, 500-1000
4. Early European Expansion, 1000-1500
5. The Age of Discovery, 1500-1600
6. The Roman Catholic Missions, 1600-1787
7. New Beginnings in East and West, 1600-1800

Part Two
8. Introduction
9. New Forces in Europe and America, 1792-1858
10. The Heyday of Colonialism, 1858-1914
11. Rome, the Orthodox, and the World, 1815-1914
12. From Mission to Church
13. Yesterday and Today, 1914 and After