A Sideways Look at Time

A Sideways Look at Time

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A brilliant and poetic exploration of the way that we experience time in our everyday lives.

Why does time seem so short? How does women’s time differ from men’s? Why does time seem to move slowly in the countryside and quickly in cities? How do different cultures around the world see time? In A Sideways Look at Time, Jay Griffiths takes readers on an extraordinary tour of time as we have never seen it before.

With this dazzling and defiant work, Griffiths introduces us to dimensions of time that are largely forgotten in our modern lives. She presents an infectious argument for other, more magical times, the diverse cycles of nature, of folktale or carnival, when time is unlimited and on our side. This is a book for those who suspect that there’s more to time than clocks.

Irresistible and provocative, A Sideways Look at Time could change the way we view time-forever.
A Sideways Look at Time

A Sideways Look at Time

Written by: Jay Griffiths


Discover Great New Writers Award – winner


“An exercise indeed in Dharma, Poetry, and Philosophy.”
—Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet

Table of Contents

A Sideways Look at TimeIntroduction

1. Pips and Oceans and the Now

2. F.Fwd. The Trouser-Arrow of Speed

3. Mythical Lizards, Bacchus’s Bins and Mining the Past

4. Bottoms Up! Mischief Nights and Millennium Days

5. Wreaking Good Havoc—A Time of Women

6. Wet Round Time and Dry Linear Time

7. The Power and the Glory

8. Life’s Too Short

9. Progress is a Four-Letter Word

10. A Teflon Tomorrow

11. Natoure

12. Tootle Pip

13. Wild Time

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