A Very Short Tour of the Mind

A Very Short Tour of the Mind

21 Short Walks Around the Human Brain

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781468306620
  • 112  Pages
  • Adult


Why do we remember faces but not names? If your brain were cut in half would you suffer more than a splitting headache? How does your dog remember where it buried its bone but you can’t find your keys? And do we really only use ten percent of our brains? In A Very Short Tour of the Mind, Michael C. Corballis answers these questions and more. The human mind is arguably the most complex organ in the universe.

Modern computers might be faster, and whales might have larger brains, but neither can match the sheer intellect or capacity for creativity that we humans enjoy. In this gem of a book, Corballis introduces us to what we’ve learned about the intricacies of the human brain over the last fifty years. Leading us through behavioral experiments and neuroscience, cognitive theory and Darwinian evolution with his trademark wit and wisdom, Corballis punctures a few hot-air balloons; "Unleash the creativity of your right brain!") and explains just what we know–and don’t know–about our own minds.


Praise for From Hand to Mouth:

"Provocative . . . A captivating story."–The New York Times

"Informative and entertaining." –American Scientist
“Twenty-one short science lessons are a great gift for the graduate…Professor of psychology Michael Corballis explores in this short, witty guide twenty-one surprising behaviors and trademarks of the most complex organ. With wit and fervor rooted in a compelling interest in the human mind, Corballis introduces fascinating theories and narratives without scientific jargon, pondering the extent of our knowledge and wisdom.” —ForeWord Reviews, Staff Pick 


“Many successful authors answer questions we long ago articulated and have wished we could answer. Michael Corballis goes at least a step further. He poses questions we wouldn’t have thought to ask and then answers them with clarity and wit. And what could be more fascinating to a human being than the human brain?…I liked it so much that I want to be sure you know about it…[A] pleasure to savor sip by sip.”–American Scientist

“Amazingly enough, within just a few pages, each essay is able to present theories and counter-theories, as well as Corballis’s own elegantly stated opinions…These short walks are well worth taking.” —Shelf Awareness

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