Actual Innocence

Actual Innocence

When Justice Goes Wrong and How to Make it Right

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  • ISBN 9780451209825
  • 432 Pages
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Here are the stories of innocent men and women—and the system that put them away under the guise of justice. Now updated with new information, Actual Innocence sheds light on “a system that tolerates lying prosecutors, slumbering defense attorneys and sloppy investigators” (Salt Lake Tribune)—revealing the shocking flaws that can derail the legal process and the ways that DNA testing has often shattered so-called solid evidence that condemned American citizens to death.
Actual Innocence

Actual Innocence

Written by: Barry Scheck, Written by: Peter Neufeld, Written by: Jim Dwyer


A troubling portrayal of the criminal justice system from within its well-guarded walls.” —New York Times“Required reading for anyone who believes that only the guilty are put to death…A catalog of appalling miscarriages of justice.” —Washington Post“[A] chilling look at judicial corruption and incompetence.” —New York Daily News“Should be required reading for…our justice system.”—Philadelphia Inquirer

Table of Contents

Actual InnocenceAuthor’s Note
Introduction: Wrong Numbers

1. An Innocence Project
2. An Invention
3. Seeing Things
4. False Confessions
5. White Coat Fraud
6. Snitch
7. Junk Science
8. Broken Oaths
9. Sleeping Lawyers
10. Race
11. The Death of Innocents
12. Starting Over
13. Lessons
14. Reckonings: An Update

Appendix 1: A Short List of Reforms to Protect the Innocent
Appendix 2: DNA Exonerations at a Glance