After Annie

After Annie

A Novel

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781468300116
  • 192 Pages
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


An irresistible tale about love and the theater, After Annie is an astonishing first novel. Herbie Aaron is half of a celebrity marriage. He and Annie have been famous–and nobodies–and through it all they’ve been passionate, if not always constant, lovers and fast friends. But when Annie dies of cancer, Herbie is lost. If you think this is going to be a tragic tale about grief, think again. Herbie is too cantankerous, sly, and charming to keel over. Enter Olive, a beautiful bartender who just might be a great actress; Herbie and Annie’s neurotic daughter Candy, and a woman named Billy, the tough-talking golf pro who teaches Herbie more about his psyche than about his lousy swing. After Annie is a beautifully rendered novel about a man off the rails, battling through the wilderness days he hoped never to face alone. It is a novel that examines the ruthless passing of time with clarity, heart, and wry brilliance.


"A lightweight novel that’s paradoxically both earthy and frothy." — Kirkus Reviews

"Michael Tucker draws from his professional experience for a credible fiction debut . . . The rich depiction of the inner workings of the acting profession adds an appealing dimension to the breezy narrative." — Publishers Weekly

"A Funny, bittersweet read." — New York Post

"A darkly comic first novel by a veteran LA Law actor, After Annie is a brilliant entre to the mind of a man who has always been surrounded by women but doesn’t quite know how to exist without the one he’s always counted on . . . With an acerbic, sarcastic bite and a depth of honesty rare in most first novels, After Annie is a refreshing, heartwarming, and introspective read." — Booklist

"AFTER ANNIE is a hilarious and beautifully rendered novel about a man off the rails, battling through the middle-aged wilderness days he hoped never to face alone." —

"An engaging first novel about an actor at the end of his career and another at the beginning of hers." — Shelf Awareness