After Tehran

After Tehran

A Life Reclaimed

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780143175711
  • 320  Pages


Marina Nemat’s bestselling Prisoner of Tehran chronicled her arrest, torture, and two-year imprisonment in the notorious Evin prison as a teenager in 1980s revolutionary Iran. In her new book, Nemat provides a riveting account of her escape from Iran and her 1991 journey to Canada, via Hungary, with her husband and infant son.

Settling into a new life as immigrants, she and her husband find jobs, raise their two children, and seemingly adapt. But inwardly, Nemat is struggling. Haunted by survivor’s guilt, she feels compelled to speak out about what happened to her in prison. Her account becomes a bestselling book, and again her life is changed. A story of courage and recovery, After Tehran chronicles Nemat’s confrontation with her past, telling how she re-engages with her distant father, and how she ultimately emerges from the emotional ravages of post-traumatic stress.
After Tehran

After Tehran

Marina Nemat

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