Alchemical Psychology

Alchemical Psychology

Old Recipes for Living in a New World

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Alchemical practices have been reborn in our contemporary world under the rubric of Jungianism, transpersonal psychology, or depth psychology. But in Alchemical Psychology, Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D., takes us directly to the sourceand on a wonderful adventure into the true nature of our hearts and minds.

In a book that sparkles with verve, life, and practicality, Dr. Cavalli explains how alchemy was one of humankind’s earliest efforts to transform the nature of consciousness. What little-known or underground arts did alchemists practice in pursuit of self-transformationand how can they enrich us today?

Using the same practices that he employs with patients, Dr. Cavalli offers readers a plethora of personal exercises that, among other things, enables them to “type” themselves according to ancient alchemical identifiers of nature and personality. He then provides practices that can help free them from the grip of familiar problems and foster true personal growth.

Beautifully illustrated with medieval prints from the alchemical tradition, Alchemical Psychology gives readers both a richer understanding of their own natures and of the traditions on which many of our modern therapies are based.

Alchemical Psychology

Alchemical Psychology

Written by: Thom F. Cavalli