Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

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Written by: Quintus Curtius Rufus
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Inspired in his leadership, fearless in battle, and boundless in his ambition, Alexander the Great was worshiped as a god during his lifetime, and his legend has only grown since. Inheriting his father’s empire at the age of twenty, Alexander resolved to expand it, and by the time of his death at thirty-two, his empire streched from Greece to India, spanning three continents and encompassing two million square miles. Comprising selections from the writings of Arrian, Plutarch, and Quintus Curtius Rufus, this definitive biography of the greatest conqueror in history features an introduction on Alexander’s enduring legacy by acclaimed British television personality and Princeton University Professor Michael Wood.

Table of Contents

Alexander the GreatChronology
Map: Alexander’s Empire
A Note on the Texts

1. The Early Years
2. Establishing Power in Macedonia, Greece, and Northern Europe
3. The Persian Campaign(I) – from Hellespont to Gordium
4. The Persian Campaign(II) – from Cappadocia to Egypt
5. The Persian Campaign(III) – Victory in Persia
6. To the North-east Frontiers of the Persian Empire
7. East to India – the Uncompleted Campaign
8. The Retreat – from India back to Persia
9. Alexander’s Final Months

Glossary of Main Characters