America at Night

America at Night

The True Story of Two Rogue CIA Operatives, Homeland Security Failures, DirtyMon ey, and a Plot to Steal the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election–by the FormerIntel

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781594482861
  • 320 Pages
  • Riverhead Books
  • Adult


From the author of OverworldAmerica at Night reads like a thriller, but is “the kind of story about which fiction writers can only dream.” (The New York Times)

When the Department of Homeland Security suspects that two former CIA operatives are at the center of plot involving money laundering and the funding of Al Qaeda—and when their supposedly comprehensive database turns up little to no information on either man—it takes former covert operative Larry Kolb to crack the case and foil the plan. But when Kolb begins to connect the dots, he realizes something even more sinister is afoot, and that he’s on to the biggest possible con with the highest political stakes.

Kolb shows us how one well-informed individual did what all of our security agencies could not: trail two brilliant covert political operatives through a labyrinth of disguised identities and dark crimes to expose corruption at the highest levels.


“The kind of story about which fiction writers can only dream…Wild and entertaining…America at Night looks under a rock and finds a staggering array of crooked, ruthless activities.”—New York Times

“Breathtaking…Kolb is a cinematic writer, and much of this book seems to be too wild to be true. But he has produced a mountain of evidence….This kind of documentation makes this exciting read a bracing one. It also goes to show that maybe the shenanigans of Watergate aren’t behind us: They’ve just gone freelance.” —John Freeman, St. Petersburg Times
“Wildly sinister…Stories of powerful men behaving badly have irresistible appeal, and Kolb relates them in prose far more lively than the average bureaucrat’s, while backing his story with footnotes, Internet addresses, and quotes from named sources.” —Publishers Weekly
“The Republicans wouldn’t really try to steal an election, would they? According to former CIA operative Kolb, you bet they would. Kolb knows what buttons to push…and gives good reason to doubt everyone with an ounce of political power….Exciting from beginning to end.” —Kirkus Reviews
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