Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

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In this magnificent biography, celebrated historian David Nasaw brings to life the fascinating rags- to-riches story of one of our most iconic business legends-Andrew Carnegie, America’s first modern titan. From his first job as a bobbin boy at age thirteen to his status as the richest man in the world upon retirement, Carnegie was the embodiment of the American dream and the prototype of today’s billionaire. Drawing on a trove of new material, Nasaw brilliantly plumbs the core of this fascinating and complex man, at last fixing him in his rightful place as one of the most compelling, elusive, and multifaceted personalities of the twentieth century.


“The definitive work on Carnegie for the foreseeable future, and it fully deserves to be.”
– John Steele Gordon, The New York Times

“Never has this story been told so thoroughly or so well as David Nasaw tells it in this massive and monumental biography.”
-Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

“Beautifully crafted and fun to read.”
– Louis Galambos, The Wall Street Journal

“The definitive Carnegie biography has arrived.”
-USA Today

“Nasaw delivers a vivid history of nineteenth-century capitalism.”

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