Angel City

Angel City

The Angelus Trilogy

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101621127
  • 672 Pages
  • Blue Rider Press
  • Adult


Electrifying from its explosive first scene to its unexpected and shocking conclusion, Angel City revisits the unforgettable characters from The Watchers to reveal more of the earthly—and otherworldly—mysteries of the Angelus trilogy.

Katherine Taylor, ex-escort, and Jay Harper, private detective, no longer remember each other. They no longer remember the cosmic battle they fought against the Nephilim. In fact, the only memory of the events of their pasts takes the form of a child, Katherine’s infant son, Max, who has, unbeknown to anyone, stirred the interest of the same vengeful spirits.…

Meanwhile, from the shadows steps a defrocked priest named Astruc, whose face looks as if it has been clawed by some terrible beast and who hides his eyes behind blue lenses. He and his brilliant young ward have discovered something unfathomable in the catacombs under Paris—something that will confirm that “the time of the prophecy” is at hand.

From the Paperback edition.
Angel City

Angel City

Written by: Jon Steele


“Seriously ramps up the action….Fans of The Watchers won’t want to miss this one.”—Booklist

“Steele’s sequel to 2012’s The Watchers does everything the middle of a trilogy should do…a brutal cliff-hanger…accessible to readers who missed the first book.”—Publishers Weekly

Praise for The Watchers

“A SEDUCTIVE COSMIC THRILLER.”—Booklist (Starred Review)


“DIABOLICAL.”—Kirkus Reviews

“READS LIKE PARADISE LOST BY WAY OF JOHN CONNOLLY…although Steele…brings hard-edged modernity to this timeless tale as he roots his depiction of evil in the contemporary world. Clever, stylish, and epic in scale, it’s a tremendously satisfying debut.”—The Irish Times

“AN IMAGINATIVELY METAPHYSICAL THRILLER.…Steele keeps his tale tantalizingly ambiguous, casting it with fey characters and skillfully concealing until the climax whether apparent weird events haven’t been manipulated to make them seem so. This solidly plotted tale, the first in a trilogy, will appeal to readers who like a hint of uncanny in their fiction.”—Publishers Weekly

“FAITH, LOVE, LUST, MURDER, INNOCENCE, DANGEROUS DEMONS, FALLEN ANGELS…meld together in to one glorious, spellbinding, addicting story that readers won’t soon forget.…The Watchers delivers a one-two punch of good versus evil in a fresh, unique, and decadent manner…brilliant enough to capture the attention of romantics, religious zealots, and historian buffs alike. Not just good, but DAMN good. I didn’t just like it. I LOVED it, and it’s a rare treat for me to experience such pleasure. A must read. Seriously.”—Luxury Reading