At a Journal Workshop

At a Journal Workshop

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  • ISBN 9780874776386
  • 432 Pages
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What would you like your life to be?

Ira Progoff’s Intensive Journal Process combines one of the oldest methods of self-exploration and expression–keeping a journal–with a structured format that enables you to get to know the inner core of your life on ever-deeper levels and gain a fuller perspective on where you are. The Intensive Journal Process also empowers you to take the action necessary to change the course of your life and unlock your hidden creative potential. This rich, insightful work is a treasure for all those involved in self-inquiry, artistic creation, and spiritual renewal.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Preparing for Your Journal Work
1. The Scope of Personal Renewal
2. Seeking the Elan of Life: The Dimensions of Private Journal Work
3. The Atmosphere of a Journal Workshop

Part 2: First Stages of Your Journal Work
4. Positioning Yourself in the Present: The Period Log
5. Twilight Imagery and Life Correlation
6. The Daily Log

Part 3: The Life/Time Dimension
Introduction to the Life/Time Dimension
7. The Steppingstones
8. The Steppingstones Period in the Life History Log
9. Intersections: Roads Taken and Not Taken
10. Time-Stretching: Backward and Forward

Part 4: The Dialogue Dimension
Introduction to the Dialogue Dimension
11. Dialogue with Persons
12. Dialogue with Works
13. Dialogue with the Body
14. Dialogue with Events, Situations, and Circumstances
15. Dialogue with Society

Part 5: The Depth Dimension
Introduction to the Depth Dimension
16. The Dream Log: Beginning to Work with Our Dreams
17. Twilight Dreaming: Using Dream Enlargements and Imagery Extensions

Part 6: The Meaning Dimension
Introduction to the Meaning Dimension
18. Meditation Log I: Entrance Meditations
19. Meditation Log I: Spiritual Positioning
20. Meditation Log II: Inner Process Entries
21. Connections I: The Cycles of Connective Experience
22. Connections II: Gatherings
23. Connections III: Spiritual Steppingstones and Inner Wisdom Dialogue
24. Connections IV: Re-Openings of Spiritual Roads Not Taken
25. PDE: Peaks, Depths, and Explorations
26. Modalities for Next Experience
27. Mantra/Crystal Experiences
28. Testament
29. Now: The Open Moment

Part 7: Continuing Your Journal Work
30. Resource and Continuity

Appendix A: Entrance Meditations
Appendix B: Mantra Crystals from the Workshop Floor
Appendix C: Spiritual Steppingstones
Appendix D: The Registered Intensive Journal Workbook
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