Awakening the Mind

Awakening the Mind

A Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Brainwaves

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Each moment of our lives, from birth to death, our brains are engaged in an endless symphony of patterns. In Awakening the Mind, Anna Wise reveals how a careful understanding of the four types of brain waves, and the practice of carefully designed meditation exercises that lead to a mastery of each type, can vastly improve everyday focus, memory, concentration, and overall mental awareness.

Over the past three decades, Wise has measured the brain-wave patterns of spiritual teachers, artists, high-performing businessmen, athletes, and other highly creative and productive individuals. She discovered that, during periods of peak mental awareness and clarity, they all exhibited a specific brain-wave pattern in which the four categories of brain wavesalpha, beta, theta, and deltacombined in a distinct configuration. In this book, Wise provides meditation exercises specially developed to lead readers to achieve that heightened mental state referred to as the Awakened Mind.

Awakening the Mind

Awakening the Mind

Written by: Anna Wise


Awakening the Mind is a first-rate guidebook for the development of consciousness. Anna Wise is one of the foremost pioneers of brain-wave biofeedback. Her book is filled with practical secrets that she has learned over the years and that anyone can use to make fuller use of the mind and become more skilled at living.” —Andrew Weil, M.D.

Table of Contents

Awakening The MindIntroduction

Chapter One: The Foundations of Mastery
Relaxing the Body and Stilling the Mind

Chapter Two: Creating the Link to the Inner Self
Sensualization and the Development of Alpha Waves

Chapter Three: Accessing and Experiencing the Deep
Developing Theta Brain Waves

Chapter Four: Our Intuitive Radar
Exploring Delta Brain Waves

Chapter Five: The Intricate Synthesis of Mastery
Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, and the Awakened Mind

Chapter Six: Self-Exploration and Understanding
Making the Subconscious Conscious

Chapter Seven: Healing the Blocks
Using Brain-Wave Development and Mastery for Personal Transformation and Change

Chapter Eight: Meditation and the Energy System
Awakening the Kundalini

Chapter Nine: Developing the Qualities of Mastery
The Fine Points of Awakening Your Mind

Chapter Ten: Meditation and Awakening
A Bigger Picture

Review and Closure
A Reference Guide to Meditations