Ayn Rand Reader

Ayn Rand Reader

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Edited by: Gary Hull

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The Fountainhead, which became one of the most influential and widely read philosophical novels of the twentieth century, made Ayn Rand famous. An impassioned proponent of reason, rational self-interest, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism, she expressed her unique views in numerous works of fiction and non-fiction that have been brought together for the first time in this one-of-a-kind volume.Containing excerpts from all her novels–including Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, and We The Living–The Ayn Rand Reader is a perfect introduction for those who have never read Rand, and provides teachers with an excellent guide to the basics of her viewpoint.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Leonard Peikoff
Editor’s Preface by Gary Hull
Part One: The Fountainhead
Roark vs. Keating
The Quarry Sequence
The Stoddard Trial
Part Two: Ethics
1. Selfishness
From Roark’s Speech
Why “Selfishness”?
The Objectivist Ethics
2. Anti-Altruism
From Galt’s Speech
Moral Inflation
The Age of Envy
3. Man, the Rational Animal
Apollo 11
Apollo and Dionysus
How Does One Lead a Rational Life in an Irrational Society?
Part Three: Atlas Shrugged
Rearden’s Anniversary Party
The John Galt Line
The Abandoned Factory
Directive 10-289
The Tunnel Disaster
Part Four: Basic Philosophy
1. Reason and Reality
Axioms of Objectivism
Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World
2. Mind and Body
Attila and the Witch Doctor
The Meaning of Sex
Of Living Death
On Emotions, Including Love
3. Theory of Concepts
Consciousness and Identity
Abstraction from Abstractions
Part Five: Early Novels and Politics
1. The Individual vs. the State
We the Living
:The PurgeThe Profiteers on Collectivism2. Capitalism vs. Collectivism
What is Capitalism?
Man’s Rights
Collectivized “Rights”
On Utilitarianism
Part Six: Romanticism and the Benevolent Universe
1. Romanticism
The Goal of My Writing
What Is Romanticism?
2. The Benevolent Universe
Introduction to Calumet “K”
Letter to a Fan
Don’t Let It Go
Recommended Readings