Banner of the Damned

Banner of the Damned

Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780756408046
  • 800 Pages
  • DAW
  • Adult


Emras, a scribe assigned to the intelligent and beautiful Princess Lasva of Colend, is on trial. But why? Emras had accompanied Lasva to the barbaric, martial land of Marloven Hesea years before so Lasva could join her betrothed, a Marloven prince. But before Emras left Colend, she was charged with a secret mission from her queen: to monitor her new home for signs of the insidious and dangerous influence of Norsunder—a magical land once thought to be legend, but now known to exist.

What went wrong? If Emras was acting on orders from her queen, why is she on trial now?


"A frequently thrilling tale, full of adventure, romance, and magic, a charming mix of everyday details and epic overtones." — Locus

"Sherwood Smith should rank high on any list of military writers…. The cavalry battles, hand-to-hand, strategy sessions, the aftermaths of battles, these scenes in Banner of the Damned roll across the page with effortless mastery… a first rate author boldly at play."

"Tremendously enjoyable…. The characters are interesting, believable, and well-drawn, the politics — national and personal — compelling, and there’s plenty of action and excitement to go around."

"A magical tale of political intrigue and romantic entanglements…vividly realized and entertaining."
Publishers Weekly
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