Bella's Rules

Bella’s Rules

Written by: Elissa Haden Guest
Illustrated by: Abigail Halpin

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780803733930
  • 32 Pages
  • Dial Books
  • 3-5 years


In the vein of Eloise and Marley, here’s an adorable tale of two well-intentioned rule breakers who show each other how friends deserve to be treated

Bella knows her family’s rules by heart, but she much prefers her own: Candy for breakfast, no hair-washing, and no such thing as bedtime. And then . . . Bella the wild child gets a new pet! At first, Bella and Puppy are the very best of friends. But when it turns out that Puppy doesn’t like the family rules either (including the rule not to gnaw off Bella’s teddy bear’s arm), well…it’s time for a little puppy training. And Bella might just learn a thing or two herself!


Praise for Bella’s Rules:
“Here is an impish heroine who will win over children, and once a new puppy teaches her the value of doing what she’s told (within reason), parents will be disarmed as well.” -New York Times Book Review

“The harmonious pairing of Guest’s simple but lively text with Halpin’s whimsical illustrations charms. A winner.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Bubbly brunette Bella is an appropriately lively figure, but it’s plump-tummied Puppy, with his floppy brown ears and cute brown eyespot, who will captivate kids (they’ll especially enjoy the illustration of Puppy breaking the ‘No peeing indoors’ rule).” –BCCB review