Belly Flop!

Belly Flop!

Book 3

Written by: Stephen McCranie
Illustrated by: Stephen McCranie

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780399256585
  • 224 Pages
  • Philomel Books
  • 8-12 years


A time machine? Mal can build one with his eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back. His secret crush’s birthday party? Gulp.

A shrinking machine. Invisibility spray. If Mal can think it, he can build it. But there’s one thing he can’t seem to do: Get Megan to notice him. He gets his chance when he’s invited to her birthday party. But destroying her cake and presents wasn’t quite what Mal had in mind.

Good thing the school’s talent show is coming up! Megan will really be impressed when she sees Mal levitate for real and . . . uh-oh–cause a major blizzard?? Yikes! Who will go rescue Mal’s talking dog best friend, Chad?

Kids graduating from picture books or anxiously awaiting the next Ook and Gluk book will devour Stephen McCranie’s laugh-out-loud series.
Belly Flop!

Belly Flop!

Written by: Stephen McCranie, Illustrated by: Stephen McCranie


**STARRED REVIEW**  “Scenes are drawn with much skill . . . and they are heartbreaking. This emotional honesty alone is reason to buy this book.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review
Kirkus Reviews

“Once again, Mal is trying his hardest to impress Megan, and hilarity ensues. Invited to her birthday party by her dad, he does his best to stand out, but only gets teased. So, when the school talent show is announced, he uses that opportunity to try once again. Unfortunately, they get trapped in a freak snowstorm created by Mal’s weather machine. Interestingly creative, yet simple to follow, the plot twists make this a great read for new and seasoned graphic-novel fans. The situations are funny and the adventures are fast paced. Mal may be a genius, but he is still a kid with insecurities and problems. Chad is the best friend that everyone wants; a dog that loves him unconditionally. Simple, clean, black-and-white drawings have action and expression. Kids will love this one.”–School Library Journal