Blackhearted Betrayal

Blackhearted Betrayal

Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9781937007652
  • 304 Pages
  • Ace
  • Adult


From the acclaimed author of Green-Eyed Envy comes a tumultuous tale of unrest among the Furies…

As Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator, Riss Holloway has been responsible for solving any crimes committed by or against supernaturals. But now she’s taking a leave of absence from the Boston PD and heading home–to focus on her duties as a Fury: like assisting her mother with an unsettling friction brewing in the Sisterhood, a faction of Furies sworn to serve all the Deities equally. These days, someone is playing favorites, drawing Riss into a tumultuous civil war embroiling every god and goddess. What was once a precept, to stand as a united whole policing arcanekind for millennia, has been divided by something Riss never imagined—and choosing sides could be the most dangerous move she’s ever made.
Blackhearted Betrayal

Blackhearted Betrayal

Kasey Mackenzie


“A brilliant new talent.”—Karen Chance

“Love this series!”—Night Owl Reviews


A Shades of Fury Novel
Kasey Mackenzie
Kasey Mackenzie
Kasey Mackenzie
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