Blue Shoe

Blue Shoe

Written by:

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781573223423
  • 336 Pages
  • Riverhead Books
  • Adult


Look out for Anne’s next book, Hallelujah Anyway, coming April 2017.

The New York Times Bestseller from the beloved author of Bird by Bird and Traveling Mercies.

Mattie Ryder is marvelously neurotic, well-intentioned, funny, religious, sarcastic, tender, angry, and broke. Her life at the moment is a wreck: her marriage has failed, her mother is failing, her house is rotting, her waist is expanding, her children are misbehaving, and she has a crush on a married man. Then she finds a small rubber blue shoe—nothing more than a gumball trinket—left behind by her father. For Mattie, it becomes a talisman—a chance to recognize the past for what it was, to see the future as she always hoped it could be, and to finally understand her family, herself, and the ever-unfolding mystery of her sweet, sad, and sometimes surprising life.

Blue Shoe

Blue Shoe

Written by: Anne Lamott


San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year – winner


“Messy, brave and weirdly lovable…a substantial literary pleasure.”&#151New York Times Book Review

“Moving and funny, fetchingly irreverent and soulful, Blue Shoe is an absolute joy.”&#151Chicago Sun-Times

”Everybody loves Anne Lamott…[she] writes with an emotional shorthand that’s instantly decipherable and funny to anyone who’s had children&#151or parents.”&#151The Christian Science Monitor

“Irresistible…Lamott has created a work full of shaggy, truthful charm.”&#151San Francisco Chronicle

”Glorious…After reading Blue Shoe, you feel as if you had sat on the kitchen floor and talked with the author late into the night about your mothers, your bodies, your lovers, and God. And that, in a nutshell, is the minor miracle of Lamott’s writing.”&#151The Atlanta Journal Constitution

”Philosophical, honest, and poignant, Lamott writes about real life and how it goes on, through good and through bad.”&#151Boston Herald

”The novel’s effect on the reader is profoundly springlike: It is tonic.”&#151Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Anyone who’s ever had a heartache&#151or a family&#151will relate to Anne Lamott’s poignant novels.”&#151Rosie Magazine

Blue Shoe is a gift you will want to give yourself.”&#151St. Louis Post-Dispatch