Bot Wars

Bot Wars

Additional Formats
  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101592229
  • 368 Pages
  • Dial Books for Young Readers
  • 9 – 12


The robots will rise…

Twelve-year-old Aiden (Trout) St. Kroix lives with his older brother Po. Their father disappeared two years ago while fighting in the Bot Wars—a devastating conflict that began when robots became so advanced that they revolted and took the lives of thousands of people. When the government banned and declared all bots terrorists, Trout didn’t question a thing. In the end, all he wanted was to find his dad. Desperate, Trout posts a video to the internet seeking help with his search, unwittingly unleashing a storm of danger as his brother is suddenly abducted and he is labeled a terrorist and a criminal himself. Trout goes on the run to seek answers, but it turns out that nothing is what it seems—not the government, not the bots, and not even his own father.

“Strong characterizations and nifty tech…. Kade’s robots tread the fine line between the familiar and the alien… resulting in an entertaining reading experience.”
Publishers Weekly
“Science fiction is an exciting genre to explore and this story is an excellent example. It has mystery, romance, complicated family relationships, and ethical themes to consider. Teen readers will appreciate the believable story as well as the fast paced action. Looking at the frightening cover of the book is enough for most readers to dive right into the story. They will not be disappointed.”
Children’s Literature
“Science-fiction fans will enjoy the action and subtle exploration of just what it means to be human.”
School Library Journal


Praise for Bot Wars:
“A thrilling sci-fi adventure with added heart and smarts.” –BCCB


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