Bright Minds, Poor Grades

Bright Minds, Poor Grades

Understanding and Movtivating your Underachieving Child

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  • ISBN 9780399527050
  • 320 Pages
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For any parent who has ever been told, “your child isn’t performing up to his or her potential,” this book has the answer. Renowned clinical psychologist Michael Whitley, Ph.D. offers a proven ten-step program to motivate underachieving children. This easy-to follow book identifies the six types of underachievers from the procrastinator to the hidden perfectionist to the con artist, and it presents the ten steps to help children succeed in school-and ultimately, in life.

Table of Contents


Part I: The Problem
1. Meet Three Underachievers
2. Characteristics of Underachievers
3. Core Problems in Identity
4. The Procrastinator
5. The Hidden Perfectionist
6. The Martyr
7. The Shy Type
8. The Socialite
9. The Con Artist
10. Things That Fail to Help Underachievers
11. Fundamental Principles for Parents
12. Disciplines for Change

Part II: The Solution
Introduction to the Ten Step Program
13. Setting the Stage
14. Getting to the Heart
15. Freedom and Destiny
16. Persistence and Faith

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