Bronze Summer

Bronze Summer

The Northland Trilogy

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  • ISBN 9780451464798
  • 464  Pages
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Stephen Baxter’s “imaginative [and] bold”* novel Stone Spring drew readers into an alternate prehistoric scenario that now continues with Bronze Summer. Thousands of years have passed. And a wall that was built to hold back the sea, must now hold back the advancing armies of a reviving Troy…

What would have been the bed of the North Sea is now Northland, a society of prosperous, literate and self-sufficient people. They live off the bounty of the land, an area created by the building of the Wall. It began as a simple dam, thousands of years ago. Now, inhabited from end to end, the Wall is a linear city stretching for hundreds of miles, and a wonder of the world.

For millennia, the Wall has also kept the growing empires of the Bronze Age at bay. But decades of drought have destabilized those eastern civilizations. Men—and women—filled with greed and ambition have now turned their eyes toward the fertile West. A new and turbulent age is dawning. For any wall, no matter how strong, can be breached—particularly from within…

*Daily Mail (UK)  
Bronze Summer

Bronze Summer

Stephen Baxter


“Thought-provoking, the characters within fascinating….Add to this Stephen’s own unique writing style, cracking prose…a piece that demonstrates the futility of war, [and that] creates a story that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.”—Falcata Times

"An interesting world and a compelling narrative."–


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