Brothers, Rivals, Victors

Brothers, Rivals, Victors

Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and the Partnership that Drove the Allied Conquest i n Europe

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Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, General George S. Patton, and General Omar N. Bradley engineered the Allied conquest that shattered Hitler’s hold over Europe. But they also shared intricate connections going back decades, and in the Second World War, they found their prewar friendships complicated by shifting allegiances, jealousy, insecurity, patriotism, and ambition.

Drawn from the candid accounts of its main characters, this New York Times bestselling book reveals the real men beneath the legends.


“A fascinating triple biography. Jordan elegantly describes the ever-changing relationship between America’s three most important European ground commanders. His detailed account shows how the responsibilities, and politics, of high command can test even the best of friends.”
-Jonathan Parshall, co-author Shattered Sword: The Untold Battle of Midway

“Finally, a major work that examines and highlights the most important American military triumvirate of World War II… General readers will appreciate the fast pace and descriptive prose, while historians and specialists will be impressed by the depth and breadth of research. Jordan’s work will put the war into a new perspective for many readers… a must-read for anyone interested in World War II, or who wants to know something about how command decisions are actually made.”
-Jim DeFelice, author of Rangers at Dieppe and Omar Bradley: General at War

“This is one of the great stories of the American military, of how Patton, Eisenhower and Bradley, three very different men, came together to change the world. It is told here by Jonathan Jordan with insight and compassion, relish and vigor. I read it in two sittings.”
-Thomas E. Ricks, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Fiasco, Making the Corps and The Gamble

“An intimate, well-researched and gracefully-written portrait of three important generals-Jordan succeeds in bringing Patton, Brad and Ike to life once again. Brothers, Rivals, Victors is full of fresh insight and compelling drama. You will have trouble putting this book down.”
-John C. McManus, author of Grunts and Alamo in the Ardennes

“Jonathan Jordan uses the intertwined lives of three great soldiers to tell the story of America’s supreme military achievement: the campaign that destroyed Hitler’s tyranny and freed a continent. The writing is vivid, the admiring portraits of these friends-and rivals-are carefully crafted, and Jordan has a fine eye for the telling detail. A fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable read.”
-William I. Hitchcock, author of The Bitter Road to Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe

“The standard line among historians is that there’s nothing new to be said about World War II… Jonathan Jordan shows us just how wrong that is… Fastidiously researched and deftly written, Jordan’s work is compellingly authoritative and adds to our knowledge something that we have not had-a tale of the intertwined and sometimes discomforting relationships of three American heroes. There is no such thing as the last word on any part of our history, but Brothers, Rivals, Victors comes close.”
-Mark Perry, author of Partners in Command: George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower in War and Peace
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