Captain Blood

Captain Blood

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  • ISBN 9780142180105
  • 368 Pages
  • Penguin Classics
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Peter Blood is a physician and an English gentleman who becomes a pirate out of a rankling sense of injustice. Barely escaping the gallows after his arrest for treating wounded rebels who were fighting the oppressive King James, Blood flees England and becomes enslaved on a Barbados plantation of buccaneers. When he escapes, no ship sailing the Spanish Main is safe from Blood and his companions. Abounding with adventure, color, romance, and strong social commentary on the evils of slavery and the dangers of intolerance, this classic adventure is a story about how oppression drives men to desperate actions, how fate plays a hand in everyone’s life, and how love is ultimately the greatest power of all.

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Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Written by: Rafael Sabatini, Introduction by: Gary Hoppenstand


“Glorious…I never enjoyed a novel more than Captain Blood.” —Norman Mailer

“One of the great unrecognized novels of the twentieth century, and as close as any modern writer has come to a prose epic.” —George MacDonald Fraser

Table of Contents

Introduction   vii
Suggestions for Further Reading   xxvii

I.       The Messenger   1
II.      Kirke’s Dragons   10
III.     The Lord Chief Justice   19
IV.     Human Merchandise   33
V.      Arabella Bishop   40
VI.     Plans of Escape   53
VII.    Pirates   69
VIII.   Spaniards   80
IX.     The Rebels-Convict   87
X.      Don Diego   100
XI.     Filial Piety   106
XII.    Don Pedro Sangre   118
XIII.   Tortuga   126
XIV.   Levasseur’s Heroics   135
XV.    The Ransom   145
XVI.   The Trap   157
XVII.  The Dupes   169
XVIII. The Milagrosa   184
XIX.    The Meeting   197
XX.     Thief and Pirate   208
XXI.    The Service of King James   220
XXII.   Hostilities   234
XXIII.  Hostages   243
XXIV.  War   256
XXV.    The Service of King Louis   269
XXVI.   M. de Rivarol   279
XXVII.  Cartagena   292
XXVIII. The Honor of M. de Rivarol   302
XXIX.    The Service of King William   310
XXX.     The Last Flight of the Arabella   316
XXXI.    His Excellency the Governor   323