Code Name Caesar

Code Name Caesar

The Secret Hunt for U-Boat 864 During World War II

Written by:
Written by: Kenneth Sewell

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425253625
  • 320 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


In the waning days of World War II, a little-known battle took place under the frozen seas off the coast of Norway . . . and changed the course of the war.
In February of 1944, Germany and Japan devised a desperate plan to escape defeat. The Germans would send Japan a submarine—boat U-864—packed with their most advanced rocket and jet aircraft technology. Japan could then reestablish air superiority in the Pacific, drawing the attention of Allied forces long enough for Germany to regroup.
Meanwhile, British code breakers, working with the Norwegian underground, had discovered the plan. But even though they were unable to stop the submarine from embarking, the British submarine HMS Venturer was waiting for it at sea. In a cat-and-mouse battle beneath the waves, they hunted one another, each waiting to strike. The Venturer won the game, becoming the only submarine in history to sink another sub in underwater combat.
This is the dramatic, action-packed account of one of the greatest unsung victories in military history, and of a historical moment in the annals of naval warfare.


Code Name Caesar weaves together a wide-ranging series of incidents to paint an in-depth picture of submarine warfare in the frigid north Atlantic and its role in the secret transfer of technology between Germany and Japan during World War II . . . Highly recommended for anyone interested in World War II, or submarine warfare in general.”—Jim DeFelice, bestselling author of Omar Bradley: General at War and Rangers at Dieppe
“Reads like a tense thriller . . . the authors also keep a steady course on the human aspect of their tale as they reconstruct the events behind this little known WWII incident and its aftermath.”—Publishers Weekly
“For the history buff who’s read it all . . .” —New York Post