Company Aytch

Company Aytch

A Classic Memoir of the Civil War

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Among the plethora of books about the Civil War, Company Aytch stands out for its uniquely personal view of the events as related by a most engaging writer—a man with Twain-like talents who served as a foot soldier for four long years in the Confederate army. Originally published in 1881 as a series of articles in the Columbia, Tennessee, Herald, Sam Watkins’s account has long been recognized by historians as one of the most lively and witty accounts of the war. Parallels between this text and The Red Badge of Courage suggest that Stephen Crane was also among Private Watkins’s readers. This edition of Company Aytch also contains six previously uncollected articles by Sam Watkins, plus other valuable supplementary materials, including a map and period illustrations, a glossary of technical and military terms, a chronology of events, a concise history of Watkins’s regiment, a biographical directory of individuals mentioned in the narrative, and geographic and topical indexes. This new edition of a Civil War classic is bound to become the edition of choice for students, military buffs, and general readers alike.
Company Aytch

Company Aytch

Written by: Samuel R. Watkins, Introduction by: M. Thomas Inge


“This lively memoir is part of an ilk within the genre that contends with the harsh barbarism of combat using wry humor. Surviving impossible situations and seemingly countless battles, Confederate soldier Watkins manages not only to capture clearly a soldier’s experience but also inadvertently to write a solid history of the war itself.”—Benjamin Brudner, Library Journal Reviews

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Other Sketches:
The “Fighting” Forty-eighth Tennessee Regiment
Reminiscences of Hood’s Tennessee Campaign
Snow Battle at Dalton–Little Jimmie White
Battle Near Adairsville
A Gambler at Cards in Dalton
Dead Angle, on the Kennesaw Line

A Concise History of the First Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Topical Index
Geographic Index
Biographical Directory and Index