A Novel

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781468308396
  • 464 Pages
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


Over the course of three decades of writing, bestselling novelist Rosie Thomas has earned an untold number of awards and critical praise. Her latest novel, Constance, is a powerful story of a woman’s anguished reckoning with her past. Constance Thorne was a foundling, left by her mother within days of her birth. Decades later, she leads a happy, independent life in Bali, but when she hears the news that her sister Jeanette is dying, the last thing she wants is to return to London. As a child, Connie was aware only of the differences between herself and her sister, yet they both fell in love with the same man. With the bitterness of betrayal still between them, Connie and Jeanette have to learn to forgive each other. Do the bonds of shared childhood lie deeper than they had believed? And, surrounded by family, can Connie make her peace with who she really is—and who she loves?


“From the idyllic paradise of Bali, to the fast-paced bustle of London and finally to the gritty streets of Uzbekistan, Thomas’ second novel maps out a resonating, touching story that most readers are unlikely to forget. Constance is a strong, beautiful character who’s been shaped by her mysterious and lonely past, which makes her all the more fascinating as the novel’s focal point. This particular saga is rich in both plot and setting, and is an addictive, well-written masterpiece featuring lovely and original characters.” —Romantic Times Book Reviews

“A resonant and insightful novel” —Kirkus Reviews