Controlled Response

Controlled Response

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101611173
  • 158 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Bestselling author Joey W. Hill presents a tale of two strangers united by an unbound passion from their dreams. But what will hold them together once the fantasy ends?

Lucas Adler has recently realized he wants more from a relationship than just fantastic sex. But while on a cycling trip through the Berkshires, he encounters a beautiful blonde in the woods. Dressed in only white silk panties and a matching corset, she’s stretched out on the back of a motorcycle and revving her engine—just not the one on the bike. Although he wonders if he can have the fantasy and the reality, Lucas is certain of one thing. He wants her…

Cassandra Moira wants to relax. Things are crazy back home, and the deal she just tied down has unraveled. So when an opportunity comes along to hop on a motorcycle and take in some scenery, Cass takes it. Stopping to rest and reflect, she remembers the weak men she’s dealt with in her life. So she closes her eyes and imagines a man who can take charge. A man, who with the blink of an eye, is right in front of her…

After their encounter, Cass enters Lucas’s life again. This time, she’s part of a negotiating team on a three-day business deal. She’s also not about to let any man control her. Now Lucas must use every strategy he knows to prove his love before she’s gone from his life again.

Includes a preview of the next novel in the bestselling Vampire Queen series, Taken By a Vampire

Controlled Response previously appeared in Unlaced.  

Controlled Response

Controlled Response

Written by: Joey W. Hill


Praise for the work of Joey W. Hill

“Dark, erotic, and feral.”—Dear Author

“One amazingly phenomenal sexy novel that will keep the pages turning, your imagination running, your dreams carnally vivid, and your partner very happy.”—Bitten By Books

“Joey W. Hill impresses me with every word she writes.”—Joyfully Recommended

“Keep a fan and a glass of ice water handy, this one will raise your temperature.”—Romantic Times

“The Vampire Queen novels are more than a reader ever needs to indulge in a world where connection with the characters is amazingly intense and all-consuming, leaving you very, very satisfied.”—Fresh Fiction  


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