Conventional Idiocy

Conventional Idiocy

Why the New America is Sick of Old Politics

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CNN anchor and TV news social media pioneer Rick Sanchez cuts through the bull to fearlessly share what Americans are really thinking.

It’s time for the conventional idiots to wake up—because Americans have had enough. People in social networks are smashing the walls of partisan politics and traditional journalism—and things will never be the same. This is the new America-and Rick Sanchez is plugged in to the national conversation.

As the first national news anchor to combine traditional network news with the power of social-networking tools like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, CNN’s Rick Sanchez doesn’t just talk to Americans—he hears directly from them, unfiltered, every day. As Rick says, “It wasn’t me talking. It was we talking.”

Viewers tweet at Rick daily, so he knows they are sick of “conventional idiocy” like death panels, birthers, and blind partisanship. Luckily, Rick Sanchez is listening, and he’s here to provide the takeaway.

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Conventional Idiocy

Conventional Idiocy

Written by: Rick Sanchez