Dark Times in the City

Dark Times in the City

Written by: Gene Kerrigan

Additional Formats
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781609451448
  • 320 Pages
  • Europa Editions
  • Adult


Danny Callaghan is having a quiet drink in a Dublin pub when two men with guns walk in. They’re here to take care of a minor problem – petty criminal Walter Bennett. On impulse, Callaghan intervenes to save Walter’s life. Soon, his own survival is in question. With a troubled past and an uncertain future, Danny finds himself drawn into a vicious scheme of revenge. Dark Times in the City depicts an edgy city where affluence and cocaine fuel a ruthless gang culture, and a man’s fleeting impulse may cost the lives of those who matter most to him. Kerrigan’s new novel is his finest yet; a CWA Gold Dagger Crime Novel finalist, its gripping from start to finish, powerful, original and impossible to put down.


“Kerrigan’s gripping police procedural…is good news for readers who can appreciate the moral complexities of this flawed hero.”
—The New York Times
“With a dexterous use of language married to masterful plotting, Kerrigan has something of James Joyce’s ability in conjuring up a vivid Dublin–but this modern city is very different than the one Leopold Bloom wandered through.”
—The Independent
“Kerrigan’s prose is luxury stuff.”
—The New Yorker