Dead on Delivery

Dead on Delivery

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101478707
  • 304 Pages
  • Ace
  • Adult


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The author of Don’t Kill the Messenger returns with her “strong and sassy heroine” (Publishers Weekly).

There are two men who have bitten the dust after a delivery from Messenger Melina Markowitz. As she tries to put together the pieces of this puzzle, she discovers that the two victims share common friends, common unexplained absences, and a common crime. Now, dark forces from the local community have been unleashed, drawing Melina into the web of a powerful woman, her voodoo, and her vengeance…
Dead on Delivery

Dead on Delivery

Written by: Eileen Rendahl


“Melina is an edgy, kick-ass protagonist.”—New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day

“Eileen Rendahl’s distinctive voice rings gleefully throughout this second in the Messenger series…A delight to read.”—Fresh Fiction

“A strong and sassy heroine.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

When I started writing about Melina Markowitz, messenger to things that go bump in the night, in Don’t Kill the Messenger, I didn’t intend to write a series. I’m not the best advance planner on the planet (just ask my kids!) and sometimes seeing the journey to the end of one book is daunting enough. Heck! I can get hung up trying to see my way to the end of the chapter! But when my agent pushed me to think of more ideas with the same character, I could see how Melina’s adventures could continue.

It was a little scary to come back to Melina. She’d had quite a ride in that first book. What would she do in the second?

Turns out, there was nothing to be scared about. Melina, the character my mother says is like me but with bigger problems, was waiting for me there on the page. Still flawed. Still imperfect. Still striving to get through the day, but with a whole new set of challenges in front of her. In Don’t Kill the Messenger, Melina’s two worlds —the mundane and the arcane —mixed for the first time. In Dead on Delivery, Melina has to deal with the consequences of letting those two worlds intermingle.

There’s a lot of hate in the world. People distrust others who aren’t like themselves. Hate and distrust tend to breed more hate and distrust. In Dead on Delivery, Melina deals with the consequences of hate and distrust in the world around her, but she also has to confront what happens when the thing that is “other” exists inside yourself.

I hope you enjoy returning to Melina’s worlds in Dead on Delivery. I definitely did.


Eileen Rendahl