Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett

Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett

A Grandfather’s Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781595231062
  • 208 Pages
  • Sentinel
  • Adult


The New York Times bestseller that’s perfect for any parent or Grandparent
A few years ago, Mike Huckabee began drafting a series of letters to his grandchildren, Chandler and Scarlett, about the things that matter most: faith, love, family, overcoming adversity, and staying true to your values in the face of failure and temptation.
Those letters are collected in this charming and inspirational bestseller, full of personal stories. They are nonpolitical and have universal appeal, no matter what your age, religion, or personal situation. We can all benefit from what Huckabee wishes he had known during tough times, rather than learning the hard way.


“Mike Huckabee has written a book that touches all the bases, from hilarity to profun­dity. I loved it and so will you.”


“As grandparents, we want to leave something behind to our grandchildren, ensuring that our memory lives on. Governor Huckabee’s book is a perfect example of what we will do in order to preserve our legacy so that future generations will continue to feel our presence.”


“It is so very important to always have one’s eye on the young—to nurture them and rear them in the most loving and intelligent of ways. Mr. Huckabee understands this and acts accordingly. He does it with grace and with wisdom. Thank you, sir.”


“Chandler and Scarlett are lucky to have a grandfather as thoughtful and caring as Mike Huckabee. This series of heartfelt and deeply personal letters speaks not only to his grandchildren but also delivers a universal message of hope and love—life lessons that any parent or grandparent would want to pass on.”


Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett is refreshing and uplifting—with simple and rare life les­sons that we can all learn something from. Mike Huckabee is full of class and humbly shows it off in this book!”

“As a grandfather of eleven, I clearly understand Governor Huckabee’s great expectations for his grandchildren. These love letters will inspire every reader to love not just in word but in deed. You will see how to communicate love, offer wisdom, and enjoy special time with your grandchildren, while helping to protect their future.”


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