Democracy in America

Democracy in America

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Translator: Gerald Bevan
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In 1831 Tocqueville set out from post-revolutionary France on a journey across America that would take him 9 months and cover 7,000 miles. The result was DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA: a subtle and prescient analysis of the life and institutions of 19th-century America. Tocqueville’s study of the strengths and weaknesses of an evolving democratic society has been quoted by every American president since Eisenhower. It remains a key point of reference for any discussion of the American nation or the democratic system.
Democracy in America

Democracy in America

Alexis de Tocqueville, Introduction by: Isaac Kramnick, Translator: Gerald Bevan, Notes by: Isaac Kramnick


“No better study of a nation’s institutions and culture than Tocqueville’s Democracy in America has ever been written by a foreign observer.” –The New York Times

“The Bradley edition of Tocqueville’s classic is the best now available in English.” –Charles A. Beard

“Professor Bradley’s edition should remain the standard one for our time.” –F. O. Matthiessen

With an Introduction by Alan Ryan

Table of Contents

Democracy in America – Alexis de Tocqueville Chronology
Further Reading
Translator’s Note

Democracy in America

Two Essays on America
Two Weeks in the Wilderness
Excursion to Lake Oneida

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